Total Rubbish: The Worst Metal Bands In History

  • By Josh
  • May 13, 2017
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For the fans of metal bands, what makes them vent their spleen are metal groups that produce music and albums that are not up to scratch. What’s more exasperating is that most of them have been backed by prominent record labels only to squander their money and time for rubbish songs. This has happened frequently in the music industry, which is a let-down in all honesty. To be included in the worst metal bands in history, it takes a combined effort of abysmal music, shoddy album covers, a foolish band profile, and of course, musicians that have zero talent. Here are metal bands that made our list of the worst metal bands in history.

The Worst Metal Bands in History

  • Nitro

Nitro is a so-so American metal band that started making real noises during the late 1980s and early 1990s. A few years after the group was formed, the members decided to part ways, which we think that is the best thing that they did. Anyway, Nitro’s adeptness in music technicalities is too perfect that they became boring, dreary and robotic. These make the perfect recipe of a laughing stock rather than the metal band worth of everyone’s time.

  • Design the Skyline

The band classifies themselves as an avant-garde metal group. Before making international attention in 2011 for all the wrong reasons, Design the Skyline was known as Extra Large Kids. As pathetic as they sound before, Design the Skyline was entertaining with their music the neighborhood of Corpus Christi. When signed by Victory Records, the band gained much exposure for their song “Surrounded by Silence” because of its negative reviews.

  • Poison

Yep, Poison is also considered as one of the worst metal bands in history. Despite attaining commercial stardom up until the ‘90s, this hair/glam metal band is perceived as one of the things that gave metal band a bad name. They are really bad on so many levels. Their front act, Brett Michaels, is such a drama queen, while Poison’s production and stuff are just the worst.

  • Drowning Pool

If you’re going to hear them play, you will wish that you are literally drowning in the pool. Drowning Pool is one of the one-time hit wonders of the metal genre, with their song “Sinner” reaching the platinum status. Drowning Pool also had popularised another song — Bodies. This “breakout” hit was used by the US Military as the torture song. And if your music is associated with that kind of cruelty, that tells you something.

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