Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll: Still Driving Bands

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  • July 26, 2016
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The world has always considered rock bands as the perfect example of having liberty. There’s sex, drugs and of course, rock ’n roll; hence, most band members are stereotyped as someone who only cares about women, their music and adrenaline-pumped fun. Partly, that may be true considering that rock music is usually conceived when there’s drug and sex. This article takes a discourse on rock band’s three major aspirations: sex, drugs and rock ’n roll.


Sex is the oldest product on the planet. In fact, sex stories about rock band members are fairly common. For instance, musicians and band members are always pictured as having sex with their fans after their gigs or in backstage. But in reality, none of these happen that explicit. You can’t blame fans who usually go gaga over their favourite rock artists. More often than not, their over fanaticism is conveyed in various sexual forms.

In the United Kingdom, there’s a band called Rockbitch that is notable for their performances. During their acts, they usually play nude or integrate sexual acts and Pagan rituals. They would also occasionally throw a “Golden Condom” and the person (regardless of gender) who seized it will get to have sex with them. According to them, their goal is to “destigmatise women’s sexuality and sex.”


Even before, drugs seemed to be an integral part of rock ’n roll. Today, even if the link between rock music and drugs is fading, the use of cocaine, heroin or marijuana among rock artists are still common. But, when did it all started?

In 1937, criminalisation of the use of marijuana is pushed in Congress. According to the Director of Federal Bureau of Narcotics that time, the “satanic music” of minorities and entertainers in the United States is a by-product of the use of marijuana. Since then, recreational drugs have been associated with rebellious music. In fact, some of the most celebrated rock icons like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Steven Tyler, have been linked with excessive drug use.

Rock ’N Roll

The term roll is used in the Middle Ages and refers to sex or having sex. On the other hand, rock pertains to spiritual awakening and was later on used in reference to music with rhythmic beat. As years go by, rock ’n roll is ascribed to rock artists and musicians and also as an expression.

According to interpretations by some, rock ’n roll means playing freely or as you please. It literally goes back to the exemplification of the world about rock music: liberty. Like other artists of different genres, rock musicians use their music as an outlet of their feelings or as a means of expressing themselves.

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