Today’s technology has been both a boon and bane to the music industry. Social media, for instance, allowed the Anti-Product to reach more fans and give them updates on what’s hot about their band. This being said, the rise of digital music and online music streaming services affected the group’s album sales that are available on CDs.

Several years ago, rock bands and other musicians made money in the industry through their album sales. However, the number of people buying vinyl records and CDs has dropped due to various reasons. In effect, artists have to come up with creative ways on how they can get paid. One of the solutions is to expand the services they provide. These include performing at events, going on tours and selling merchandise.

The Anti-Product Services

  • Movies and TV Licensing

As per the Rolling Stone, artists don’t make much money from CD sales anymore. However, musicians can get hefty money from licensing fees. The music and albums of The Anti-Product are available for movie theme songs or end credits, background music for commercials, and even as TV show soundtracks.

  • Live Gigs and Digital Performances

The Anti-Product is open to performing live at restaurants, clubs, bars or in other venues, regardless of the occasion. We are also open to simple gigs, such as open mic nights, and in performing at corporate events. Moreover, we can also play our live on digital media.

  • Session Work

If you have a musical project in mind that involves hard core rock music, The Anti-Product can lend their talents and services for you. In addition, our band can write songs or compose music exclusively for you.

  • Shirts and Other Merchandise

Our band merchandise comes in various items and sizes. We have shirts and T-shirts available for those hard core rock lovers, and The Anti-Product fans as well. Our goods have flexible prices and are available on site and in other online stores.

If you have other requests, such as personalized mugs or cap with The Anti-Product logo, feel free to message us on Facebook, or subscribe and comment on our YouTube page.