Heavy Metal Music Website Design

  • By Josh
  • August 25, 2017
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If you have a heavy metal band and you’re looking to break out into the mainstream and get out of your garage then it is crucially important for you to have a website. A website is the difference between playing in your mother’s basement and being able to reach the wider world. There are some individuals who think that all they need to do is have a sick picture of their band and maybe a little auto play video of some of their best work on a website and call it a day; however website design, like music, is an art form and if you don’t put any effort into your website, why should anybody expect to take your music seriously either?

We’ve all heard the old idiom to not judge a book by its cover but the fact is, as people that is exactly what we do. If your website looks like it was made by a two-bit designer or created haphazardly without any thought for the needs of potential clients then your website is going to be worse than unpopular – your website can hurt your music because people will be less interested in listening to it if it is associated with a bad online experience. Creating a good online experience through your website for potential customers and clients (or your raving fan base) is an important part of marketing your music.

However, few people are jack-of-all-trades. Just because you are an exceptional heavy metal music artist does not necessarily mean that you have all the right skills to be able to design a killer website as well. You need a website that will help sell your music and, more importantly, sell the seriousness of your band. This is why is important that you hire the right web design company. The right web design company can be the difference between nobody hearing about your band, or worse always remembering that you’re the band with the bad website, and starting to break out into the mainstream with a professional-looking website that shows you are artists who take your work and your music seriously.

If you want people to take you seriously, you have to take yourself seriously. If you’re going to take yourself seriously, then you need to hire a professional company or professional individuals who can create a rock star level website.

As alluded to before, creating a website is not just about selling music, although that is a part of it. A good website design company will be able to meet the needs of your band by talking with you and interfacing with you. Perhaps your band is more interested in going on tours; a good website designer will be able to create an automatic calendar and auto booking system so people can interface directly with you or even book you online through your website.

Your website is an auto-marketing magnet allowing your band to be sold or selling itself whether you are awake or asleep. The more automation you can put into your website, the less direct work you have to do. Your time is valuable and your band is a worthy product and so helping sell it by getting the right company to design your website for you is an absolute must if you want your fans to take you as seriously as you take your music.

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