Heavy Metal Bands of the Future: Predictions

  • By Josh
  • May 13, 2017
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If there is something that we learned over the years, it’s that the heavy metal bands of the future won’t stop with what’s beyond out there. More often than not, they become one of the best rock icons that everyone regards highly. Take a look at Metallica 30 years ago. Despite attracting big crowds during their performances, it took them a long time before the fans get to hear them on the radio. One would not need wild psychic predictions to envisage that Metallica is destined for greatness. Listed here is our fearless forecast of the heavy metal bands of the future.

Heavy Metal Bands of the Future: Predictions

  • Toothgrinder

If you haven’t heard of them, we suggest that you listen to their three EPs — Turning of the Tides, Vibration/Colour/Frequency and Schizophrenic Jullibee. Toothgrinder’s superb musicianship and professionalism will definitely liven you up. They launched their first ever full length album in 2016, which received widespread plaudits from critics and the like. In addition, this New Jersey-native metal band just signed with Spinefarm Records. So expect good music from one of the heavy metal bands of the future.

  • Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon or BMTH is a heavy metal band from the United Kingdom. Originally, BMTH touched the deathcore genre, then later on shifted to the metalcore. Since then, they have brought out their own distinct genre. If you’re going to ask, BMTH is one of the biggest metalcore band to date. They’ve been crossing boundaries in producing the best music for their fans.

  • Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold, also known as A7X, is a local heavy metal band in California. They are noted for their variegated sound and theatrics, but imposing image, especially on their album covers and merchandise. According to industry sources, A7X is one of the heavy metal bands of the future that we should set our eyes on. Their promising career is evident in their 15 million Facebook fans, which grows by the minute.

  • Baronness

Baronness is an American heavy metal band formed back in 2003. Two years ago, they had their European tour, which coincided with the release of their new song “Chlorine & Wine.” They are quite known for their color-coded albums that really stand out. However, they are more than that. Over the years, we’ve seen them fearlessly evolved while preserving the “universal thread” that the fans loved about them.

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