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Heavy Metal Music Website Design

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  • August 25, 2017
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If you have a heavy metal band and you’re looking to break out into the mainstream and get out of your garage then it is crucially important for you to have a website. A website is the difference between playing in your mother’s basement and being able to reach the wider world. There are some individuals who think that all they need to do is have a sick picture of their band and maybe a little auto play video of some of their best work on a website and call it a day; however website design, like music, is an art form and if you don’t put any effort into your website, why should anybody expect to take your music seriously either?

We’ve all heard the old idiom to not judge a book by its cover but the fact is, as people that is exactly what we do. If your website looks like it was made by a two-bit designer or created haphazardly without any thought for the needs of potential clients then your website is going to be worse than unpopular – your website can hurt your music because people will be less interested in listening to it if it is associated with a bad online experience. Creating a good online experience through your website for potential customers and clients (or your raving fan base) is an important part of marketing your music.

However, few people are jack-of-all-trades. Just because you are an exceptional heavy metal music artist does not necessarily mean that you have all the right skills to be able to design a killer website as well. You need a website that will help sell your music and, more importantly, sell the seriousness of your band. This is why is important that you hire the right web design company. The right web design company can be the difference between nobody hearing about your band, or worse always remembering that you’re the band with the bad website, and starting to break out into the mainstream with a professional-looking website that shows you are artists who take your work and your music seriously.

If you want people to take you seriously, you have to take yourself seriously. If you’re going to take yourself seriously, then you need to hire a professional company or professional individuals who can create a rock star level website.

As alluded to before, creating a website is not just about selling music, although that is a part of it. A good website design company will be able to meet the needs of your band by talking with you and interfacing with you. Perhaps your band is more interested in going on tours; a good website designer will be able to create an automatic calendar and auto booking system so people can interface directly with you or even book you online through your website.

Your website is an auto-marketing magnet allowing your band to be sold or selling itself whether you are awake or asleep. The more automation you can put into your website, the less direct work you have to do. Your time is valuable and your band is a worthy product and so helping sell it by getting the right company to design your website for you is an absolute must if you want your fans to take you as seriously as you take your music.

Worst Metal Bands In History

Total Rubbish: The Worst Metal Bands In History

  • By Josh
  • May 13, 2017
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For the fans of metal bands, what makes them vent their spleen are metal groups that produce music and albums that are not up to scratch. What’s more exasperating is that most of them have been backed by prominent record labels only to squander their money and time for rubbish songs. This has happened frequently in the music industry, which is a let-down in all honesty. To be included in the worst metal bands in history, it takes a combined effort of abysmal music, shoddy album covers, a foolish band profile, and of course, musicians that have zero talent. Here are metal bands that made our list of the worst metal bands in history.

The Worst Metal Bands in History

  • Nitro

Nitro is a so-so American metal band that started making real noises during the late 1980s and early 1990s. A few years after the group was formed, the members decided to part ways, which we think that is the best thing that they did. Anyway, Nitro’s adeptness in music technicalities is too perfect that they became boring, dreary and robotic. These make the perfect recipe of a laughing stock rather than the metal band worth of everyone’s time.

  • Design the Skyline

The band classifies themselves as an avant-garde metal group. Before making international attention in 2011 for all the wrong reasons, Design the Skyline was known as Extra Large Kids. As pathetic as they sound before, Design the Skyline was entertaining with their music the neighborhood of Corpus Christi. When signed by Victory Records, the band gained much exposure for their song “Surrounded by Silence” because of its negative reviews.

  • Poison

Yep, Poison is also considered as one of the worst metal bands in history. Despite attaining commercial stardom up until the ‘90s, this hair/glam metal band is perceived as one of the things that gave metal band a bad name. They are really bad on so many levels. Their front act, Brett Michaels, is such a drama queen, while Poison’s production and stuff are just the worst.

  • Drowning Pool

If you’re going to hear them play, you will wish that you are literally drowning in the pool. Drowning Pool is one of the one-time hit wonders of the metal genre, with their song “Sinner” reaching the platinum status. Drowning Pool also had popularised another song — Bodies. This “breakout” hit was used by the US Military as the torture song. And if your music is associated with that kind of cruelty, that tells you something.

Heavy Metal Bands Of The Future

Heavy Metal Bands of the Future: Predictions

  • By Josh
  • May 13, 2017
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If there is something that we learned over the years, it’s that the heavy metal bands of the future won’t stop with what’s beyond out there. More often than not, they become one of the best rock icons that everyone regards highly. Take a look at Metallica 30 years ago. Despite attracting big crowds during their performances, it took them a long time before the fans get to hear them on the radio. One would not need wild psychic predictions to envisage that Metallica is destined for greatness. Listed here is our fearless forecast of the heavy metal bands of the future.

Heavy Metal Bands of the Future: Predictions

  • Toothgrinder

If you haven’t heard of them, we suggest that you listen to their three EPs — Turning of the Tides, Vibration/Colour/Frequency and Schizophrenic Jullibee. Toothgrinder’s superb musicianship and professionalism will definitely liven you up. They launched their first ever full length album in 2016, which received widespread plaudits from critics and the like. In addition, this New Jersey-native metal band just signed with Spinefarm Records. So expect good music from one of the heavy metal bands of the future.

  • Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon or BMTH is a heavy metal band from the United Kingdom. Originally, BMTH touched the deathcore genre, then later on shifted to the metalcore. Since then, they have brought out their own distinct genre. If you’re going to ask, BMTH is one of the biggest metalcore band to date. They’ve been crossing boundaries in producing the best music for their fans.

  • Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold, also known as A7X, is a local heavy metal band in California. They are noted for their variegated sound and theatrics, but imposing image, especially on their album covers and merchandise. According to industry sources, A7X is one of the heavy metal bands of the future that we should set our eyes on. Their promising career is evident in their 15 million Facebook fans, which grows by the minute.

  • Baronness

Baronness is an American heavy metal band formed back in 2003. Two years ago, they had their European tour, which coincided with the release of their new song “Chlorine & Wine.” They are quite known for their color-coded albums that really stand out. However, they are more than that. Over the years, we’ve seen them fearlessly evolved while preserving the “universal thread” that the fans loved about them.


Rocker Downtime: Playing the Odds & Losing

  • By Josh
  • August 11, 2016
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Musicians are often associated with addictions to alcohol or drugs. The music industry has its issues with substance addiction, but the public is not aware that gambling is also a major concern. While gambling has a lesser effect on user’s health compared to drugs, the financial repercussion causes significant issues. Musicians are faced with significant amount of stress. They work long hours under uncomfortable conditions to perform flawlessly for each show. To destress rocker downtime is sometimes spent playing cards with the crew. Most of them started with innocent card games like poker or blackjack. The rush they get from winning is so pleasurable that they need to gamble often to experience it. Until such time, gambling developed into addictive behaviour. Musicians with gambling problems did not notice they are spending extraordinary amount of time and money gambling.

Gambling is easier today than ever before with the use of digital technology. Online gambling through mobile phone allows musicians to gamble regardless of where they are. Bookmaker free bets trap unsuspecting musicians into gambling habits. Playing poker in casino is also a big problem among musos. The amount of money these musicians spent playing the odds and losing could have left them poor if they don’t earn enough money to support their vices. Gambling is still a great concern for musicians today. Repeated losses cause anxiety that lead to depression and substance abuse. Here’s our list of musicians with gambling problems:

Gladys Knight
The Empress of Soul revealed her gambling problem in her book Between Each Line of Pain and Glory: My Life Story. She chronicled in the book her struggles on gambling addiction with baccarat that lasted 10 years. A high-stake binge cost her no less than $45,000 in one night. She turned to Gamblers Anonymous to get help and put an end to her gambling addiction.

Rapper Shawn Carter also known as Jay-Z describes himself as a formidable blackjack and poker opponent. This high roller rapper has a huge appetite for gambling. In 2008, it was reported that he lost $500,000 during a high stakes poker game in Las Vegas.

Lemmy or Ian Fraser Kilmister in real life is the Motorhead’s bassist who wrote the Ace of Spaces. Lemmy is a gambling addict; he loves to spend the evening playing the slots. In the documentary Lemme: The Movie, the singer can be seen parked at a slot machine. He’d sit in front of the one-armed bandit all day pulling the lever. He’d just play and play with a Jack and Coke in one hand and the lever of the one-armed bandit in the other.

Rene Angelil
Former singer and Canadian manager who later married Celine Dion is a professional poker player. He is qualified to play at the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions. It was a joke that Angelil is always gambling away their money his wife Celine needs to turn out concerts with a residency. At one time Caesars Palace disclosed the casino losses of Angelil. In 2005 and 2006 he lost $230,000 but it was offset by his tournament poker winnings amounting to $259,079.

American rapper Cornell Iral Haynes Jr. made the headlines in 2011 with an alleged bankruptcy due to gambling addiction. His manager Slim claimed that the rapper blew all his money on various casinos playing poker. Nelly travelled the poker circuit; he is frequently seen in a number of World Series of Poker events. There was also a time when he went to Monte Carlo to play in a major live event of poker.

Scott Ian
Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian started playing amateur poker game while touring the US in his bus. Today, he is a celebrity poker musician who won VH1’s charity poker tournament. He also secured a seat in the Aruba Poker Classic.

50 Cent
Rapper, singer-songwriter Curtis James Jackson III also known as 50cent is openly seen playing poker in different casinos. His love for gambling is not limited to casinos, he loved sports betting too. In 2012, the rapper wins $500,000 after wagering on sports betting. His love for gambling is also evident on his songs. He used a betting-based metaphorical verse in his track titled “What you got” where he said “I got a gambling problem. I bet you n*** I’m gonna be back bustin…”

Playing the odds and losing will not be a problem if these musicians have Bono’s discipline. U2’s vocalist is one of the world’s wealthiest rock stars who enjoy taking his chances at blackjack and roulette. Bono play the odds but remains thrifty in his gambling activities. He normally plays blackjack with his band members in casinos cheapest table. He only gives a $125 limit to himself and his band members. He always picks up the tab for his party as long as everyone limits their bets to a total of $125 each.

Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll: Still Driving Bands

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  • July 26, 2016
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The world has always considered rock bands as the perfect example of having liberty. There’s sex, drugs and of course, rock ’n roll; hence, most band members are stereotyped as someone who only cares about women, their music and adrenaline-pumped fun. Partly, that may be true considering that rock music is usually conceived when there’s drug and sex. This article takes a discourse on rock band’s three major aspirations: sex, drugs and rock ’n roll.


Sex is the oldest product on the planet. In fact, sex stories about rock band members are fairly common. For instance, musicians and band members are always pictured as having sex with their fans after their gigs or in backstage. But in reality, none of these happen that explicit. You can’t blame fans who usually go gaga over their favourite rock artists. More often than not, their over fanaticism is conveyed in various sexual forms.

In the United Kingdom, there’s a band called Rockbitch that is notable for their performances. During their acts, they usually play nude or integrate sexual acts and Pagan rituals. They would also occasionally throw a “Golden Condom” and the person (regardless of gender) who seized it will get to have sex with them. According to them, their goal is to “destigmatise women’s sexuality and sex.”


Even before, drugs seemed to be an integral part of rock ’n roll. Today, even if the link between rock music and drugs is fading, the use of cocaine, heroin or marijuana among rock artists are still common. But, when did it all started?

In 1937, criminalisation of the use of marijuana is pushed in Congress. According to the Director of Federal Bureau of Narcotics that time, the “satanic music” of minorities and entertainers in the United States is a by-product of the use of marijuana. Since then, recreational drugs have been associated with rebellious music. In fact, some of the most celebrated rock icons like Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Steven Tyler, have been linked with excessive drug use.

Rock ’N Roll

The term roll is used in the Middle Ages and refers to sex or having sex. On the other hand, rock pertains to spiritual awakening and was later on used in reference to music with rhythmic beat. As years go by, rock ’n roll is ascribed to rock artists and musicians and also as an expression.

According to interpretations by some, rock ’n roll means playing freely or as you please. It literally goes back to the exemplification of the world about rock music: liberty. Like other artists of different genres, rock musicians use their music as an outlet of their feelings or as a means of expressing themselves.

Musos in Poverty: Don’t Let Debt Destroy Your Band

  • By Josh
  • June 20, 2016
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According to a report that delved into the economic situation of musicians, artists and other creative professionals in Australia (film not included), a huge part of their number are living in extreme poverty. To barely get ends meet, 56 percent of the respondents had to juggle two jobs while 7 percent had to manage their time for their three jobs. Sadly, those who were not lucky enough to survive in the industry walk out from it or get disbanded. There are a lot of reasons why this happens: financial crisis, time constraints, limited gigs, lack of financial assistance and poor financial yield, among others. Based on the same report, 15 percent of the respondents had to hang on for at least three years before actually earning decently. On the process, they incur debts and lots of it.

Don’t let your arrears of the past several months (or years) destroy your band or discourage you from pursuing your career. It is time to manage your debt and seek debt help from professionals. Here are some tips on how you can at least prevent acquiring debts without compromising your music:

1. Run it like a business.

When you treat your band or your music like a business, you are serious to not let it go to waste. In doing so, you will make compromises. For example, you have an important personal plan for tomorrow but you were given an opportunity to play for an event that will be held on the same day Postpone your personal plan and go perform on the show. Making decisions that is good for the business is the sine qua non in running a business.

2. Recognise your financial challenges.

Among the major anxieties of musicians are credit card debt, overspending and dreading about not having enough money. To help you get on with it, ask for help on how you can save for retirement, make investments or manage your finances in general.

3. Get a hold of your credit status.

In case that you need to apply for loan for emergency expenses or renting a new place, knowing your credit status will help you make a wise decision.

4. Monitor your expenses.

If you are having a hard time managing your debt, try to monitor your expenses. Be aware of the cash that flows in and out of your pocket. Get rid of the things that you can live off of it. The money you’ll get to save from this should be used in paying off your debts.

5. Come up with a doable budget plan.

If you really don’t want to go broke, create an attainable budget plan. Don’t worry; it’s not as overwhelming as you think.